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i2i Services & Support

Internet and Information Technology Project Management History

MediMuse LLC: Inventor of StateSong Technology; Coverts Biometric Data into Music; US & Intl Patents

StateSong Technology: StateSong converts biometric data in music and sounscapes. This innovation let's people create music from their best physiological and psychological states, then listen to THEIR StateSongs to entrain into those better states. We look toward giving PTSD & anxiety suffers their calmSong; depressives their happy song; babies a sleepSong; long-distance runners a 2ndWindSong; enhance the emotioal effecacy of movie scores.

StateSong Examples: Listen to StateSongs derived using Heart Rate, Blood Pressure, Body Temp, GSR data.
Endogenous is an online music presence created to demostrate and poplularize StateSong Tech to the world.
"WithIn" is the 1st compulation of songs produced from human biometric data. Subsequent albums forthcoming.

Dolby Labs: Functional PM for rebuild, cloud migration, CMS and IAM integration of Dolby's Technology Provisioning Portal
Successfully lead six month contract to bring project through SOW, Kickoff, Anaylsis (BRD, TRD & RTM), Planning & Funding
Rosponsible for managing internal client and vendor communications, budget, scheduling reporting, risks & issues resolutions.
Project significantly increases quality and efficiency of protected IP, technology licensing and delivery to Dolby clients

Dolby Products, Solutions & Services: Dolby provides licensing and access to it's technology options via a newly developed AWS cloud platform, which is integrated with Ingeniux Portal/CMS & OKTA IAM solutions

City & County of San Francisco: Cross Functional PM for city/county wide integration of OIM/OAM/OAAM 11gR2PS2/3
This Access & Identity solution controls the identification and provisioning of access to internal SF Agency systems

Pacific Gas & Electric Company: Cross Functional PM for integration of OIM 11gR2PS2/3 with SalesForce and Documentum
This hybrid (on & off premisis) solution controls the identification of access to internal/external & electronic/site resources

Simeio Solutions: 06/13 - 03/14; Project/Program Manager for PMO Planning; IAM Platform Integrations & Cloud Migrations.
Integrated OIM/OAM (OnPrem & Cloud) for Govt Technology Contractor (CA), Health Care Provider (DC) & Intl Bank (Belgium)
Awarded "Top Hire of 2013" for successfully managing 3 high profile enterprise integrations spread across 6 timezones

Seneca Gaming Corporation: 04/12 - 10/12; Contracted Sr. PM for IAM & PPM Platform Integrations; NF, Allegheny, Buffalo.
Responsible for management of initiation, planning, build, integration & configuration for Avatier IAM & PlanView PPM platforms.
communications, scheduling, technical & C-level reporting, MSA/SLA/SOW reviews, risk mitigation and issues resolution

Synacor: Fulltime & Contracted Sr. PM for PMO Planning; Client Facing PM for ISP/Telco/Cable technology releases
iMedia Services management for deployments and integrations of Single Sign on and Zimbra Webmail initiatives.
Client facing PM for VirginMedia Portal redesign, CMS build, interactive application integrations and Single Sign On security.

Buffalo News: Interactive Media Operations Director for development, & deployment of Buffalo.com & BuffaloNews.com 
Writer and reviewer of iMedia goals, objectives, scopes, SOWs, WBSs, cost estimates, budget reports and contracts.
Directed implementation of site redesigns, user generated content, interactive product integrations, webmail, & web-Video.


Long Distance Learning, iTV, Digital Video Broadcasting & Permission Based Interaction

Interactive Television and the vision of Long-Distance Learning (LDL) as initiated by Cornell's CU-See-Me product, were catalysts for my first entrepreneurial effort. In 1996 I founded/directed CyberCompany VideoTeleCommunications (CyCoVTC) whose mission was to research, configure and install scaled down VTC/LDL networks in Charter Schools. Bandwidth limited success of VTC/LDL then, but ten years later both are viable industries. Restructuring business objectives towards streaming media, CyCoVTC attained State awards for the development of El Dorado's interactive video website, then went on to innovate proof of concepts sites for internet dating, cooking shows, real estate, yoga, surplus stock, and digital photo/video archives. With an offer to join UPC Netherlands's ITV development team, e-City, I closed my progressive but struggling venture to attain international business experience. At e-City, I implemented collaboration and communication software, supervised the corporate document management system, and contributed to the developed of "Permission Based Interactive" protocols (a phrase now fully incorporated in the ITV vernacular).

CyberCo VTC: 1997-1999; early development of video enabled websites & long distance learning

ElDoradoCounty.com: Video County Website. 1998 California State Fair Winner; Best County Web Site

eCity: Amsterdam 2001; Development & delivery protocols for Interactive TV & Digital Video Broadcasting

eCity01_iTV.htm: the provision of interactive options from behind the broadcast layer

eCity03_PBI.htm: “Permission Based Interaction” protocol that controls your Interactive TV experience

eCity04_DVB.htm: “Digital Video Broadcasting”; the future of streaming Television


For-Profit/Non-Profit Business Entites, Missions Statements & Content Production

The Nieuw Millennium Foundation, Amsterdam: 2001 – 2003
in 2001, I & i2i was awarded a $1.5M Grant by a DeYoung-Tobin family member (San Francisco) to build and support a non-profit entity focused on Digitizing, Indexing and Archiving content degrading in the media closets of Local Cable Access Groups, which individually store ‘hyperlocal’ media created by their citizens and collectively (world wide) comprise the largest store of historical content. The initiative was entitled “The Saving History Agenda” (SHA) was supported by BBC Technologies Group, Adobe and Convera. Internet to Interactive Concepts’ (i2i) mission, was the motivation behind the creation of NM (site) driven by the goals to Save Local Histories and the to build an global army of trained Digital Historical Archivest.

Nieuw Millennium' Mission had 4 main programs that were designed and supported by i2i Concepts.

The TEA Factory (1) (2): NM’s 2 building, 4 story Technology Education & Arts facility in Amsterdam

The Well (1) (2): An online, distributed, publicly accessible archive of hyperlocal content (pre YouTube)

The Hive (1) (2) (3): A “Learn to Earn” & “Show What You Know” education and training environment

The Tool Kit (1) (2) (3): scaled down “best of breed” soft/hardware that enable broadcasters & archivist

i2i Concepts & Nieuw Millennium Documents: 1-Sheets, Proposals, Collaborations, Summaries
As Executive Director for i2i Concepts and the Nieuw Millennium Foundation, I created the following list of key documents that detailed the missions, goals, programs and business relationships for both entities.

NM 1-sheet: outlines the entity; its visions & goals; programs, product & services; relationship to i2i

SHA 1-sheet: outlines the problems, needs and solutions address by The Saving History Agenda

The Saving History Agenda: The original SHA proposal document.
A Proposal to Rescue Local Film and Video Resources, Create Jobs, & Generate Revenues.
Creating International Digital Libraries of Community, Educational and Artistic Content

STVS Archive Project: Suriname TV Studio, a SHA participant, was the 1st television station in Suriname, 1965 In 1993, a fire destroyed STVS. When the recovered content came to Holland, it was delivered to the Amsterdam Film Museum, then to the National Audio and Visual Archive of the Netherlands in where it was examined and then transferred to tape. Some of the film was seriously damaged by vinegar syndrome, a large portion of it was capable of being saved, preserved and archived.

i2i - NM - Convera Proposal: A collaborative & co-marketing proposal presented to Convera. In 2001, Convera was a Govt Technology Transfer recipient focused on Digitization, Indexing and Search

i2i - NM ETRE Conference Invitation: The SHA was one of 25 international businesses initiatives invited to the prestigious European Technology Roundtable Exhibition (ETRE) wherein they presented their “Saving History Agenda”  driven by the Media Asset Management system designed by BBC Technology. NM was the only non-profit to ever present to the attending body of 500 world-wide business leaders.

i2i - NM - BBC_MAM: Media Asset Management presentation pdf from BBC Technology to i2i and NM

i2i - NM - BBC Visit Summary: Summary of visit to and the work defined between i2i, NM & BBC Tech.

NM TEA Factory Facilities Remodelling & 3D Tour Videos
I designed and lead the remodeling, of the TEA Factory’s two buildings in downtown Amsterdam, at Oude Zijds Voorborwal 171 (our logo is to this day still on the door)! The facility touted a beautiful basement theater where local technology, education and art events were held, filmed, streamed as simulcasts and archived. The stage was backed by an infinite curve Chroma-key blue screen and sound reinforced by a 5.1 surround system. Additionally, the facility housed a 5.1 Fair Light recording Studio, a stunning Isolation Booth. The Technology centers on the four stories above included a Media Asset training facility (The Hive); a Video/Audio/Streaming Production Center (The Toolkit); and Archiving Servers (The Well). The videos below were produced by i2i Concepts to allow online tours into the Nieuw Millennium facilties

3D FlyThru NM @ OudeZijds Voorburgwal 171

3D FlyThru NM's FrontOffice

3D FlyThru NM's MainOffice

3D FlyThru NM's Hive

3D FlyThru NM's Video Editing Room

3D FlyThru NM's AudioControl Room

3D FlyThru NM's Sound Isolation Booth

3D FlyThru NM's Well Servers

Internet to Interactive Concepts (i2i) Marketing Videos
The videos below were produced to detail the types of work and projects in the wheel house of i2i Concepts

i2i Concepts - Intro

i2i Concepts - Work Types

i2i Concepts - M3Space

i2i Concepts - 3D Production

i2i Concepts - StudioV Audio

Nieuw Millennium / i2i Concepts Collaborative Project Videos

Nieuw Millennium: Non-Profit Concept Video

The Saving History Agenda: Program Concept Video

The TEA Factory: Program Concept Video

The Well Program: Program Concept Video

The Hive Program: Program Concept Video

The Tool Kit Program: Program Concept Video

Improvisational Dance Video: Improvisational Dance Video Production

MIXT Program: NM, R&B Allstars, Vitaminic Music Collaboration: Multi Cultural Music Recording

SiloTheatre - PLANETariam: Theater Production Video

3D NM Space Ship: Nieuw Millennium Space Ship 3D Video, used in NM Explainer Videos

Maya 3D Production: Maya Production Video

The Fight Channel: Fight Channel 3D Advertisment

Space Clown 3D Video Production

Circus: 3D video production for NL band “Circus”

Lawn: Music video production for NL Band “Lawn


Narrated Explainer Videos & Voice Overs

Nieuw Millennium Mission

The TEA Factory

The Hive 1

The Hive 2

The Well

The Tool Kit 1

The Tool Kit 2

The Tool Kit 3


Music & Art Projects

MUSIC CD – Uncle Herb (Dale): Audio Production / CD Covers  / Online Presence

Uncle Herb: Website for Canadian Musician Uncle Herb Dale: Created by Robert Joseph

UncleHerb CD: CD Art for iconic Canadian Musician Uncle Herb Dale: Production by Robert Joseph

Blood Shot Glow: Herb Dale - Author, Vocals, Bass; RoJo – Production, Vocals, Guitars, Harmonica

Drivin Away: Herb Dale - Author, Vocals, Bass; RoJo – Production, Vocals, Guitars, Harmonica

Mountain Woman: Herb Dale - Author, Vocals, Bass; RoJo – Production, Guitars, Vocals,

AUDIO Production – RoJoMoJo & The IdleHands Band

All In A Day

Let Love Reign

Truth Goes On (Without You)

Big Blue Room

RoJoMoJo Music:  Reverb Nation Website for Robert Joseph’s (aka RoJo) original music.

Endogenous: Reverb Nation Website for MediMuse’s StateSong technology (US, Intl. Patents Pending)
StateSong coverts biometric data (heart rate, body temp, GSR) into music composition & soundscapes

Art: Art Runs Deep; Online Presence

Art Runs Deep: Art Event Web Presence and Online Art Gallery                                                         

Art: Ella Joseph; Theater Videography & Book Production (Layout & Design)

Parsifal Unspoken: Book Production for Ella Joseph

Parsifal Unspoken (1) (2) (3): Theater & Video Production  for Ella Joseph

Bogged Down: Book Production for Ella Joseph

Bogged Down: Theater & Video Production for Ella Joseph

Catalog of Works: Book Production for Ella Joseph

Sceno Art: Website Production for Ella Joseph


Business & Training Videos

The Power Of Forex:
Passport to Prosperity contracted i2i Concepts to produce a series of Forex Video Tutorials & Sound elements

The Power of Forex Video Series: Foreign Exchange Video Tutorial Series

Power of Fourex Soundbytes: audio themes created for “The Power O Forex