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STVS Archive

(Surinaamse Televisie Stichting)


Prepared by Louis Hymans, David Kekone and Robert Joseph





Stichting Nieuw Millennium and the STVS Archive


Project Description and Current Status


Formerly known as Dutch Guiana, Surinam is one of the smallest countries in South America. It is one of the most ethnically diverse countries in the Americas, with the majority of its people being the descendants of African, Indian and Indonesian indentured servants brought over by the Dutch to work as agricultural laborers.


In 1965 STVS became the first television station in Suriname. It remained the only station for 22 years before another, the Algemene Televisie Verzorging, was organized. Since then, STVS has managed to survive a civil war and a series of military coups. The film and historical documents discussed in this presentation were originally recovered when the television station was bombed during such a coup. Spearheaded by representative Louis Hymans, Nieuw Millennium has established a relationship with STVS and has brought a small cache of historical film back to Amsterdam to begin the STVS Archive project. (Some of the footage brought to Amsterdam included film of the Dutch Queen Juliana.)


In 1993, a fire destroyed STVS¼ studio and much of the content stored there. When the film came to Holland, it was first brought to the Amsterdam Film Museum, then to the National Audio and Visual Archive of the Netherlands in Hilversum where it was examined and then transferred to tape. Although some of the film was seriously damaged by vinegar syndrome, a large portion of it was capable of being saved, preserved and archived.


Transfer tests performed at Nieuw Millennium's 'Hive' facility in Amsterdam have produced successful results bringing the film through the 'digital' process.  Samples of the content have now been encoded, indexed, and archived; have been printed to video, pressed to DVD, and encoded into streaming media files; and are available online through 'The Well.' Go to: 


Select  'The Well' link. Once this page is loaded, click on  'The Well PROTOTYPE' link at the bottom of page. You will need Windows Media Player to preview the video content.


The project has been presented with an extremely positive reaction to the Ambassador of Suriname in Den Haag, who will be presenting the project to the Mayor of Rotterdam, and the Mayor of Amsterdam in August. It has also received a very positive reaction from the Archives of the City of Amsterdam (run by the Mayor¼s office), the Film Museum, and the National Audio Video archives.


We believe this project is a perfect example of the „Saving History¾ concept brought forward by Stichting Nieuw Millennium. This archive desperately in need of proper care and encoding, it is an example of historical data that is very rare and is well on its way to being lost forever. Stichting Nieuw Millennium would be honored to be part of a joint effort to preserve an integral part of Suriname history and is seeking partners and funding support.



Below: frame samples, film canisters and storage facilities that store the Surinam footage.












Screen Shots: Digitize, Index & Archive; Produce & Publish; Internet-iTV Broadcast



Figure 1.  A screen shot displaying digitized key frames of a 16mm film.


While or after previewing, meta-data can be attached to single frames or series of frames, a piece of material, or and entire collection. Face and scene recognition, voice to text conversions and close-caption information can be automatically recorded and indexed, archived and linked to high (off line) and low resolution (on line) versions.  More detailed, contextual, metadata can be added in other layers of review by people working either in The Hive or remotely in their own home via a web browser and an internet connection.




The screenshot above is an example of an interface used for digitizing, indexing and archiving using state of the art software developed by Convera. (Nieuw Millennium, as an agnostic provider of technical solutions, tests, configures and consults on cross-platform, 'best of breed' solutions for internet and interactive projects).



Figure 2.  Sample visual search and Text Search screen shots


Advanced indexing protocols allow for accurate location and the 'cuing-up' of clips once a search has been returned. Nieuw Millennium is moving forward database structures that will allow for the indexing and archiving of an increasing number of media types and formats which to manage a deep and broad well of technology, education, art and community content.


Shown above: screens shot depicting a 'text string search return.
Shown below, a video search return from the Hive and a 'cued up' video for online preview.



In conjunction with Convera, Nieuw Millennium has developed remote methods of adding metadata to media, allowing professionals and specialists, as well as homebound or handicapped individuals to do more than preview content, but actually be part of increasing the quality and quantity of data about content in the public online archive. Nieuw Millennium is exploring more ambitious applications of this technology in an area we have labeled 'Rights Discovery Assistance'. Ultimately, it facilities the clearing of intellectual right issues which limits the distribution, licensing or syndication of content in 'The Well'.


(The screen shots shown above were captured at The Hive Facility from The Well archive.)